He is the Only Lifeline for My Soul

A poem about pain

I push my heart farther and farther into Yours because it’s the only safe place to put all my broken.

Your gentle, Fatherly love surrounds my pain and my broken,
giving with its surrounding a hope and a peace I dared not rest in before.

It’s the only place of rest now for my broken – Your hope and Your peace.

It’s the only lifeline for my soul.

Without it, I’d be hurtling faster and faster through the depths of despair never to be recovered. My soul would be hopelessly lost as I would be overcome with the pain and the sorrow, unable to see, for the darkness surrounding my being.

You promised to hold my head up, and if it weren’t for your holding my head I’d be falling backward into a pit— dark and frightening and lonely.

I press my heart firmly into the warmth of your encompassing love. It penetrates the dark and gives a tenacious hope that without You wouldn’t exist.

As I press it deeper and deeper I feel your arms holding me. These surrounding arms hold me and my broken and tell me I will be okay. I will survive. I will thrive.

Your strong arms encircling me and my broken aren’t changing my reality. They are changing my insides. Turning bitter into grace and fear into peace because only You can do that with all my broken.

I’m not alone, I won’t fade into nothingness, you see me with an un-quenching gaze like the sun sees the earth, warming her and leading her through the emptiness of space.

The potent aroma of Shalom grows a spark of joy deep inside the places I thought were hopelessly broken. Whispers of “I love you, I love you,” strengthen me and speak your Fatherly affection into my broken.

I am longing for the day I will dance before you, endlessly displaying my gratitude and affection and seeing your glory and beauty with my own eyes while my broken heart will remain relentlessly enveloped by Yours for all of eternity.

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