I Met the Immovable One

Storms rage around me
Threatening to smash my little boat to pieces
My eyes dart to and fro watching the dark waves rise and fall about me
I’m waiting for the big one to hit

Image by Myriam Zilles

Fear overwhelms me
The wind whispers “It will overtake you”
Surely death is better than this
I sit terrified, immovable in my little boat.

My soul is overcome
But wait. My downcast eyes see the feet of One familiar
Feet standing firm in front of me

Image by Free-Photos

Dare I lift my eyes?
I feel his gentle finger under my chin
Prodding my face skyward to meet his
Our eyes meet

Suddenly the raging storm seems far away
His gaze pierces my soul
I am stripped bare and vulnerable
All my death-deserving sins, my struggles are exposed before him

But he doesn’t destroy me
His steady gaze locked on mine
He sees the nakedness of my soul,
His love covers up my shame

Peace floods my soul
His peace washes over every vulnerability
My nostrils breathe a warm fresh wind
Somehow I know the storm continues to rage about me

But he, my Savior, he’s with me
In my humble little boat, he stays with me
I finally realize
He was there all along.

Image by mohamed Hassan

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