Don’t Be Afraid to Let Music Help You Express Yourself in Prayer and Change the Atmosphere of Your Mind

Music delights my spirit. Especially music coming from the depths of the soul, flowing forth in prayerful poetry. It pulls at my soul, inviting me in. The lyrics pour forth from the musician’s heart to connect with God. To talk with him. To express emotions and thoughts. Isn’t that just what God wants – our fragile hearts open and spending time with Him, letting Him speak into the deep parts of our soul that are rarely exposed?

Often, during quiet moments when I crave intimate connection with my Father, I find these spiritual songs – which, in essence, are deep communications between the singer and God – to be vital in my prayerful times to connect me with the One who Loves.

I am often one who has trouble expressing all of my heart in prayer, so I’m grateful for those who have penned songs to God that touch my heart and help me express myself to the Lord in a manner that maybe I couldn’t on my own.

I appreciate that these musicians can lead me to a place of prayer or worship that I may not have gotten to by myself. In the same way that we have pastors and teachers to lead us to the Word, we have gifted musicians who eat, sleep and breathe songs and spiritual songs unto the Father. Their music brings freedom and shines a light in places previously shadowed in our hearts and minds.

Musicians who are willing to be vulnerable with their spiritual journeys, and to let us into their process with God is a blessing. They prophesy to our souls. They bring an anointing into the room and open the door for connection with the Father.

Another thing I love about these songs is they can speak truth into me. The Truth pushes back the negative thoughts and narratives in my mind. When you get a song stuck in your head about how much God loves you and how worthy He is, it will have a positive effect on your attitude and decisions resulting from it. You can change the atmosphere!

I love to sing. I love to worship. I love to spend time with God in song.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the gift to make music or express myself very well in song. I’m truly grateful for those God has anointed in this season to express their worship and adoration in song. I’m grateful for the singers and musicians who have the drive and the ability to put their life journey to music. They have created a delightful space for soulful, intimate connection with our Creator.

Next time you listen to a song that strikes a chord in your heart, lean into it. Let the waves of the Spirit overtake you and draw you nearer to the heart of the Father. He is waiting for you with wide open arms.


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